New Ownership

Bistro Twenty Four is the new trading name for what was the Hardware Cafe in Toddington.

Having lived in Toddington for 20+ years I can of course remember our shop being the Hardware store and fully appreciate the place this shop has in local folks hearts.

However, we have taken the decision to change the name for a number of reasons. Firstly, we will be, in due course be offering a far extended menu which will include Pizza and Pasta in the evenings and a lunch menu This lends itself to more of a Bistro than Cafe. Furthermore we were asked by the owners of The Hardware Cafe in Luton to avoid using the name if we possibly could. I can see how having two Hardware Cafes in close proximity would be confusing for potential customers of both businesses.

After much deliberation we have decided upon Bistro Twenty Four. Simply because we have gone back to the original name for the property. Of course going back over 100 years the property was number 24 High Street, long before it was a Hardware store.

Rest assured that we will not be changing our fabulous coffees, cakes and breakfasts. But we will be adding in exciting new menu additions and various healthy options too.

Over the coming weeks you will begin to see changes taking place. The first of which will be the name above the front of the premises, closely followed by wholesale changes to the kitchen and bar area.

Thank you to all of you that have supported us over the past 6/7 weeks. It’s been really enjoyable. But believe me when I say that the fun is only just beginning!

Please share the page with your local friends if you possibly can. We will aim to keep you up to date with new additions to the menu and behind the scenes sneaky peaks of the changes made to the interior.��

Pete & Pennie